A Brief Visit

     Last night, around 5:00 p.m., Prickly Brick Studio was honored by a visit from an iconic Easter celebrity who flew in from parts unknown.  He greeted us warmly, right after landing.  Apparently, he had traveled alone, and it’s no wonder -- he had some odd social habits.  After staring intently at us for several minutes, his head swiveled abruptly and he seemed to ignore us, peering sharply to his left instead.  Maybe he’s shy, we thought.  Or looking for a date.  (So soon after arriving?)  Or could it be that there’s a language barrier?  We made some feeble attempts to speak to him in his native language, and it worked. We had his attention again.  In fact, he actually winked at me. 

      Have I totally confused you?  Were you thinking “Easter Bunny,”  or maybe even Elvis, but now you aren’t so sure?  Well, thanks to my trusty camera, I have a picture of that sexy wink, and here it is:



     Yes, it’s the Easter Owl

     Actually, he’s a Great Horned Owl, and, like many musicians, he’s nocturnal.  He has a loud, low vocal range.  We could use him in our studio to sing harmony, and he probably wouldn’t even need a microphone.  But unfortunately, he had another gig, and he didn’t stick around long enough for us to record him.

     I like owls.  Somewhere along the line, I started collecting little owl figurines and other owl paraphernalia.  I now own about thirty owls of varying shapes and sizes, including owls made of brass, wood, clay, paper, cloth, and plastic.  They’re black, white, yellow, brown, turquoise, and even hot pink.  Some are international, having flown here from Mexico, West Germany, Japan,  and Peru.  I have one carved wooden owl (with intricately curling feathers) that’s an exact copy of one belonging to a co-worker, a gift to her from her father.  She was shocked to see mine when she came for a visit, as was I to learn that my owl had a twin.  I also have a Beanie Baby owl, an owl tape dispenser, and owl stationery.  So I was gratified that the Easter Owl took time out of his busy schedule last night to drop by.  Maybe he’d heard of my collection and was hoping to stay for a family dinner.

      In his honor, I looked up “owls” on Youtube and discovered a great little indie band from Minneapolis named The Owls.  I love their harmonies.  Here they are singing, appropriately, “Afternoon Song”:

     May your week be filled with musical visits from our wise, feathered friends.


Lori B
March 31, 2013 @08:06 pm
Jim, Terry, and Carlos, I hope the Easter Owl was good to you today. He stopped by again today, probably on his way back to the North Woods.
jim bowen
March 31, 2013 @07:02 pm
What a great shot of that owl! And Happy Easter!
March 31, 2013 @06:47 pm
What a Wonderful visitor for this very Special day... Thanks for sharing and love your photo...
March 31, 2013 @01:41 pm
Has Pacific Buffalo grown to four band members now? And what a majestic photo, bravo!!

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