Pacific Meets Buffalo

Many people ask us how we came up with the name, "Pacific Buffalo."  Actually, it's a VERY long story -- and if it's ever made into a movie, Jim Bowen will get credit somewhere. 

Pacific Buffalo was born in November, 2007, but it didn't yet have a name, or even the slightest inkling of its future musical path.  Here's how it went down:

November 11, 2007:  Chuck and Lori first met at a local coffee shop.  Two minutes into their first face-to-face conversation, they discovered that they had each been proud owners of Yairi guitars.  Lori took this to be a good sign.  Even though Lori had just sold her Yairi on eBay (times were tight), she had loved its warm sound.  It was a good thing to have in common with this man, Chuck.  After making light conversation about the pleasures of guitars, music, and life in general, Lori and Chuck parted company and went home to their computers.

Chuck was the first one to make a move.  He emailed Lori and asked if she'd go with him to the Herbie Hancock concert the following Wednesday night at the U of A.  The rest is musical history.

Lori remembers the first night that Chuck came to her house for dinner.  He thoughtfully brought two guitars with him.  After dinner, they played their first concert to a sold out audience of one -- Lori's dog, Prince. 

Stay tuned for the next steamy installment.


Ramblin' Jim
September 18, 2010 @09:26 am
So that's how Pacific met Buffalo! I knew there had to be some connection to '60's hipster jazz: Herbie Hancock! Watermelon Man - I recall it as one of the great marching/strut songs of the Warren Easton High School band at Mardi Gras time - a real Yat classic. Lori asks Chuck to her house (you did invite him, right?) and the man shows up with TWO GUITARS - Chuck was born to jam! I am definitely staying tuned to the rest of the story!

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