Sunday Toast

     Today, Pacific Buffalo celebrated St. Patrick's Day with some serious recording in our studio, along with a few serious beers (and some Australian wine).  And although we didn't find any four-leaf clovers, see any leprechauns, or find any pots of gold, we did enjoy a pot of Lori's homemade lentil soup when we were finished.  (To see our new photos from today, go to the "Photos" section of this website.)

     St. Patrick would be happy to know that one of the songs we recorded today is titled "More Than Luck."  So keep your fingers crossed that he sends us some luck of the Irish when we release our next CD.  The other song that we worked on today, “By the Nile,” has absolutely nothing to do with Ireland, but the word NILE is in IRELAND.  We think St. Patty should send us some extra luck for noticing that.

     Speaking of luck, I had another lucky brush with celebrity yesterday.  Well, actually, it was planned, but I couldn’t think of any other way to transition to my next topic, which was Tucson’s 2nd Annual Youth and Peace Conference.  It was there that I got to hear the keynote speaker, Alejandro Chavez, speak about his grandfather, human rights activist Cesar Chavez.   I also got to take a cute photo of the littlest drummer boy at the conference:


     Alejandro Chavez was only six years old when his teacher showed him a picture of his grandfather in a California newspaper and asked him if he knew who the man was.  Alejandro said no.  “Are you sure?” his teacher asked.  “Doesn’t he remind you of anyone?”  “Well,” Alejandro replied, “he looks a little like my tata.”  Little Alejandro had no idea that his grandpa was one of the great leaders of the nonviolence movement, right up there with Gandhi and King.  The marches and rallies that the family went to were fun for Alejandro, because he got to see his cousins and play with them.  It wasn’t until much later that he decided to follow in his tata’s footsteps.  He now works full time as a community activist, and I admire the fact that he is carrying on his grandfather’s legacy of nonviolence.

     Among the many songs about peace that I could mention, here’s one that I think every political and religious leader in the world should take to heart:  “Peace Be Upon Us,” by Sheryl Crow.

     She addresses her song to “all the sinners and saints,” “all you creatures of faith,” and “all you shepherds and sheep.”  She sings about finding joy in “the smallest things” and “trying to reach the light.”  After singing the chorus, “peace be upon us,” there’s a beautiful Arabic verse which, translated, means “peace be upon you.” 

     So, today I’ll raise a glass of Irish beer to St. Patrick, a glass of Argentinian wine to the new Pope Francis, and a glass of California spring water to Cesar Chavez.  And my toast will be, “Peace be upon us.” 


Jim Bowen
March 19, 2013 @08:52 pm
I appreciate your observations here, and I love the new fotos! Waiting to hear the new music (and a new version of "By The Nile"? - old mikrofilms fan). An Argentine wine toast to you on our great Sicilian feast day: Buona Festa di San Giuseppe!
March 19, 2013 @07:50 am
Fine writing; I especially appreciated reading about Alejandro Chavez, and the Sheryl Crow link is excellent ...

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