That Time Again

      Oh-oh ... it's time to write my annual "Here are all the fun and exciting things we did this year" post, and I'm panicking, because I can't remember much about 2013.  It went by FAST ... much, much faster than 2012 did.  Not like those painfully SLOW years of my youth ... those agonizing years when I tried my best to make time go at warp speed.  I just couldn't wait for things like my birthday, or the first day of summer vacation, or the day I'd finally get to wear lipstick and nylons.  

     Nylons (for those of you born after Woodstock) were skinny little synthetic tubes which (like the internets) were quite popular, and which (unlike the internets) had stupid little seams down the back.  Young women, in a desperate attempt to look as unnatural as possible, would force their legs into these tubes each morning (making sure the seams were straight, of course).  Then they would fasten them to a garter belt (a scary contraption that resembled a ghostly, flattened octopus).  Yes, I actually looked forward to the joy of parading around in those sausage casings all day long, until bedtime, when at last it was time to peel them off and throw them away -- because, by then, they invariably had gotten a run in them.  (A "run," for those of you born after Woodstock, was like getting a scratch on a vinyl record -- one you didn't put there on purpose.)

     Back then, I did a lot of clock-watching, especially at work, wishing I had the power to make the hands of time spin faster.  And who wouldn't watch the clock with the job titles that I held: Commemorative Coin-Counter, Catalog Card Typist, Babysitter, Shelf-Duster, and Shirt-Ironer.  (That last one was in exchange for rent.)  So it's really no wonder that I was in a mad rush to grow up and get on with my REAL life.

    And here I sit, having resorted to Facebook to remind me of what I did during the year 2013.  Well, it turns out I did some pretty exciting things, such as publishing an eBook, meeting Ted Danson, and going to the Grand Canyon.  But, as I've come to learn, it's actually the little moments in life, the ones you don't read about on Facebook, that are the most meaningful.  Like the time my sister Sue and I ran around my mother's house a few weeks before moving day, taking photos of 84-year old doorknobs and light fixtures and mailbox slots that we'd grown up with and were sure to miss.  Or the time one of my daughters called and we talked for almost an hour.  Or that night that Chuck and I toasted our first wedding anniversary with my great-grandmother's wine glasses.  My REAL life.

     I've also spent a lot of time (maybe too much time) with my iPad this year, but it has inspired me to read and write more, and it's been great for that amazing invention, FaceTime.  I can see and chat with my brother in Australia, or my daughters in New York, for free.  And I've figured out how to use my iPad as a music stand, instead of loose sheets of paper.  I was really glad I had it recently, when the wind kicked up while I was performing, and my lyrics remained right there in front of me instead of flying off to the California coast.  Yes, I'd be lost without my iPad lyric pages  They're the only thing keeping me from being mistaken for a deer in the headlights when I'm onstage.

     Speaking of music, 2013 was the year that I finally finished writing a song I've been working on for a few years now (and will be recording next year).  AND, Chuck just released his newest solo CD, The Art of Travel, which will be available on CDBaby in a week or so.

     And just before year end, Chuck and I enjoyed a getaway weekend in the Land of Enchantment (New Mexico), where we felt like two little kids in a candy store, enjoying the artisan community of Silver City, the hot springs and culinary delights of quirky Truth or Consequences, and the birding adventures of Bosque del Apache national wildlife refuge.  It was a good end to a pretty good year. 

     Now that we're back home, it's time to get the studio cranked up and work on some new musical projects that we have in mind for 2014 -- which will be here before we know it.  Time sure does fly when you're living your REAL life.

     Happy New Year, everyone!


Terry t
December 28, 2013 @06:11 am
Thanks for the Beautiful trip down memory lane...I Loved it!
Teresa Czaja
December 27, 2013 @10:02 pm
Nice end of year reflection Lori. You're right, sometimes it's not the big things that are most memorable, but the little everyday moments that linger in our minds. Happy New Year!
Elaine Bonati-Bruscia
December 27, 2013 @07:57 pm
Lori, I just loved reading this.You took me back to the good old days, with the nylons, haha, your Mom's house which I loved visiting as a kid and your wedding day. I was elated to know you and Chuck tied the knot. I enjoyed very much viewing your adventures traveling to some beautiful places. Your writings make me smile my sweet cousin more than your know.

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