The Challenge: A Blog By Any Other Name

After a long siesta, I (Lori) am back, determined to "blog" more often. 

I've never liked the word "blog" -- have you?  Come to think of it, it might just be one of the top ten most unattractive sounding words in the English language.  Yep, to my mind, it's right up there with "belch" and "pulchritude."  Maybe that's why I've stayed away from this blog for so long. 

I know that "blog" is short for "web log," but I refuse to accept a word like "blog" just because some guy thought "web log" was too difficult to spell or too un-cool to say out loud.  It was probably the same dufus* who invented the word "biopic" (which doesn't rhyme with myopic). 

     * I do like the word "dufus."

I just looked up the origin of the word "log" in the dictionary.  According to Webster, if you're talking about "log" as in "tree limb," the origin is Norwegian (from "lag" meaning "fallen tree").  If, on the other hand, you're referring to a recording of events, the origin is Greek ("logos" meaning "word, reason, speech, or account").   I do think "log" is a fine word, but it doesn't quite do it for me.  A good blog should be intelligent, rational, maybe a little irrational, interesting, lively, interactive, cerebral, visceral, opinionated, and funny.  In short, I'm looking for the ideal candidate for President.  But I'll settle for a new word for "blog."  You've gotta start somewhere, no?

So if you or I can think of a new word for it, maybe I'll be inspired to jabber on about topics of interest to you and me more often.  Please join me in my quest.  Ideally, the word should be fairly short, but sound really cool and attractive.  Maybe it'll include a soft consonant, a smooth vowel, and a dipthong or two.  

But it's much harder than I thought.  After wracking my brain for a couple of hours now, all I've managed to come up with are "Wordleaves," "Intellitree," and (cringe) "iCandy."  I need all the help I can get!  In the meantime (sigh) I guess I'll just blog.


Jim Bowen
August 21, 2012 @06:00 am
Well, I've never thought about an alternative word for "blog". Following Aristotle I suppose you could try to describe the "Essence" of "blog", which would be something like "publication of my musing." But everyone would still think of it as "Lori's blog" anyway, so where would you be after all this cogitation? Anyway, I am happy to see you writing again, and I look forward to future postings (another ugly computer word.) And where are you guys with your new music?

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