Trying to Find the Words

Buffalo at Grand Canyon Natl. Park    

     In case you were wondering what happened to me, I ran out of words.  It's as simple as that.  After making my New Year's resolution in January, and being very diligent about it week after week, I ran out of words in May and I had to take time off to go look for more.  While out scouting for words, here's what else I've been up to:

     - wondering who reads this blog, and why

     - wrapping up my August to May school year (for my day job)

     - traveling to Rochester to surprise my daughter at her wedding shower

     - hiking and birdwatching in the Chiricahua Mountains (southeast Arizona)

     - meeting a nice lady named Karla or Carla who liked our music (are you out there, Karla or Carla?)

     - going to the north rim of the Grand Canyon

     - more hiking and birdwatching

     - a little practicing of guitar and vocals (but not nearly enough)

     - going back to work for the summer, but with a flexible schedule (nothing could be finer)

     - developing what I think might be asthma.

     While doing all of the above, I didn't collect too many words, but I did add to my bird list.  I did a lot of looking, listening, and just being, which was totally awesome.  It's as if I stepped into a wordless vacuum, and now that I'm back into my routine, I expect that some words will come rushing back in any day now. 

     As for the asthma, it's still a mystery, but one I hope to solve soon.  I've noticed it for about two months.  There seems to be a pattern.  I start coughing at about 7 p.m., it gradually gets worse, and then it stops when I go to bed.  It didn't happen while I was in the Chiricahua Mountains, but it happened at the Grand Canyon.  It seems to happen most often when I'm sitting in my red living room chair, drinking a glass of wine.  So I guess the answer is to move to the couch.  :)  I think I will try that tonight.

     But first ... I just remembered a website that might be of help in my quest for words.  It's, and it gives a list of the 1,000 most commonly used words in the English language.  Actually, it's the "ten hundred" most commonly used words, because the word "thousand" isn't on the list.  If you want to know how many of the words you use are uncommon, just type something into their website, and you will immediately see your uncommon words highlighted, with suggested common word substitutions.  It's a very handy tool to have in your back pocket in case you notice that people are looking at you with puzzled expressions.      

     I just typed what I've written so far into their website and I learned that I have used 48 uncommon words!  Aren't you impressed?  Then I perused the list of the common words and I discovered a fascinating (they suggest the word "strange") fact!  The two longest words of the top ten hundred are: 



     I find that totally STRANGE!  I think I'd better get started on sprinkling my everyday conversations with the words "conversation" and "relationship" from now on, so as to appear more intellectual (but not too brainy).  If people start staring at me with puzzled expressions, I'll just tell them that they are "strange."  I'm sure that will strengthen our relationship.



June 13, 2013 @09:46 pm
I'm glad you are back blogging because I read it religiously really! Take care of that asthma and write some new songs, maybe about conversation and relationship? Also cosmic happenings when in the great outdoors?
Jim Bowen
June 13, 2013 @07:16 pm
Well, I was wondering what happened to you. Sorry about the asthma - hope it improves when you move to the couch. As for why I read the blog (and look for it) it is "conversation & relationship". Sounds like a good name for a band. Enjoying a great Georgia thunderstorm this evening, and your blog.

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