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Ringing in the New Year (with a Little Lizard Music) 

Happy New Year to all our friends! We hope you had a great 2018 and that 2019 is even better.

A brief recap of our year: We walked, we talked, we rode our bikes, and we drove across the country; we played our instruments, wrote a song or two, and revised some old ones; Lori worked on writing projects while Chuck worked on crossword puzzles; we visited with friends, saw a few movies, watched some TV, read books, and tried to stay sane while watching the news. Most recently, Lori returned to work part time…

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The Language of Living Things 

Hi friends of Pacific Buffalo,

I have a confession to make. I've been a bit scattered lately and I haven't been giving this website and blog the attention that they deserve. (You may have noticed.)

In fact, I think I've been a little manic. I've gotten carried away with a whole bunch of fun projects -- writing four kids' songs, recording them with Chuck, writing a book, finishing two other books, blogging on Wordpress, freelance writing, starting Spanish classes again, walking, setting up a photo website,

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Four Reasons to Buy Songs for the Seasons 

Three months ago, I got inspired to write some songs. Children's songs, specifically. The holidays were fast approaching and I have 2 two-year-old grandsons. My big present to each of them was the gift of music.

Henry likes weed whackers and leaf blowers, while Porter is a little obsessed with Curious George and trains. I decided to start with a song about weed whackers.

After finishing the Weed Whacker Wiggle, I tackled leaf blowers, and came up with Blow the Leaves. Those two garden tools (one used in…

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Pacific Snowberry 

Chuck and I just returned from a trip to Seattle again. We go there quite often, since his family lives there. The main reason for this journey was birthdays. Chuck's Aunt Thelma is 99, cousin Eric turned 62, and niece Sophia is a whopping 18.

The second reason we ventured up there at this time of year was to visit towns to the west of Seattle (which is where I took the above photo of a snowberry). It's a distant dream that we might someday be snowbirds with two homes, one in the Pacific Northwest and…

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Chillin’ on Christmas 



It‘s Christmas, which means I‘m taking a break from the usual projects, errands, etc. to sit back, relax, and think about all the wonderful gifts I receive throughout the year. By gifts, I mean priceless things like friendship, love, and laughter. And, of course, music. 

We do have new music to blog about, but today I just wanted to send out a special thank you to our blog readers who have made writing this stuff worthwhile. We love hearing from you!

Please have a wonderful winter, a delightful…

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Maple Sugar High 

     My sugar high was the result of something called honor. A big flag outside of the store declared that it was open, but no store owner could be found ... only another customer who told me that the store operated on the honor system. He paid for his purchase somehow and left the store.

     I peered around the dimly-lit shack. In one corner, there was a large metal contraption that must have been the syrup-distilling machine. (Obviously, I know nothing about how maple sugar is produced.) It was…

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Absolutely Adirondacks 

The travelog continues ... with photos at the end.

     June 23: I drove from Latham, NY, the former home of Pete Seeger, to Plattsburgh, NY, the former home of Tim Robbins and Anthony Weiner. Tim Robbins wasn’t home, and Anthony Weiner was otherwise occupied (I won’t say how). But since I was in town, I decided to drop in on my sister Sue. Only kidding about dropping in. I was there for my nephew Dustin’s wedding.

     To hear Pete Seeger singing a really nice version of "Down By the Riverside,"…

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Absolutely Nothing 

     Friends of mine (Kathy and Ray) have a travel blog. They also own a medium-sized camper that they’re living in this summer. During June and July, they’ve hauled that thing from Arizona through Utah, Idaho, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Ontario, Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wyoming, and New Mexico (so far). Just about every day, either Kathy or Ray write an entertaining and informative blog post, complete with photos, of what they did the previous day. I don’t know how they find the time to do it

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More Than Luck 


Ask Bob Dylan where his song ideas come from, and you’re likely to get his famous response, “I’m just a song and dance man.” But in his 2015 acceptance speech as Person of the Year at MusiCares, Dylan was forthcoming about his musical influences. You can read the full transcript of his talk here:


Dylan has reportedly said of himself, “I’m no melodist,”…

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The Soloist 


     I’ve been working on a solo cd (“Twisted,” due out in November) for about two years now.  Looking back, I had no idea how tedious, detailed, humbling, and ultimately rewarding the road to Soloville would be.  Here are a few things I’ve learned along the way:

  • I’m still able to write songs.  Hopefully, that trend will continue.

  • I have a good ear (two, actually) that still work in spite of loud concerts. They picked up on many little mistakes and nagged me mercilessly until I corrected them.