CD Progress

9/12/10:  The gestation period's over.  Tomorrow a master copy of our new CD, House of  Glass, will leave our nest and fly to our disc manufacturer.  Soon, hundreds of little "houses of glass" will be running around looking for their new owners.  We just finished the final cover design this week.  This turned out to be very challenging but rewarding in the end.  For packaging, we opted to go green this time with a "digipak."  (Hope you like the final product, our labor of love.)


9/24/10:  After seeing the proofs of our CD artwork, we decided to make a few teensy, weensy changes.  In other words, it took about four hours of agonizingly painful work using our new graphics program that we don't really understand.  We're musicians, not computer geeks!  But somehow we managed to have something that we like even better than before.  Luckily, our CD manufacturer, Oasis, is very understanding and allows one resubmission at no extra cost!  So, all we lost was a week of production time.  (And we gained a few new gray hairs!) 


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