From Blog to Blahg and Back

Hi, this is Lori (the Buffalo part of PB).  What started last year as an earnest attempt to blog regularly ended up in the doldrums, temporarily.  But I'm back!  Beginning a new project (our last CD) was an adrenaline rush, but post-production sent me into the "blah" phase.  Sort of like post-partum depression.  No airplay, not too many gigs, no instant stardom.  (Not that I expected this.)  But not to worry.  I'm working on a new song, and hope to be practicing and blogging again with a vengeance. 

This year, I entered two songs in a songwriting contest, and applied to play at the Tucson Folk Festival.  Neither of those came through, but the folk festival was amazing.  I attended two workshops (voice and songwriting), both worthwhile.  The one on voice was given by Beth Fitchet Wood.  What a nice person, with a beautiful, clear voice, a talented family, some great CDs, and she's very hip -- she knew Jackson Browne back in the day, and it was her voice used to promote his early songs to record companies!  Then I was blown away by the very cool local duo Cinder Bridge (keyboard/vocals and drums), along with other fine musicians.  How inspiring, and a wakeup call for me to practice, practice, practice. 

Aside from music, I'm also into photography and will be working this summer on a book of photos I took in Mexico.  (My day job is in a school and I have the summer off -- sweet!)  I just entered two photos in Ron Howard's Imagin8tion contest (stay tuned for more info on that).  So whether it's blahging, blogging, or just blathering -- about music, photography, or turnips -- I'll try to think of something interesting to announce or spout off about every few days. 



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