Maple Sugar High

     My sugar high was the result of something called honor. A big flag outside of the store declared that it was open, but no store owner could be found ... only another customer who told me that the store operated on the honor system. He paid for his purchase somehow and left the store.

     I peered around the dimly-lit shack. In one corner, there was a large metal contraption that must have been the syrup-distilling machine. (Obviously, I know nothing about how maple sugar is produced.) It was surrounded by a heap of boxes and bins. On the other side of the shack, in all its golden glory, stood a table filled with pure maple syrup, maple candy, and maple cream. I decided on a jar of maple syrup and a jar of maple cream (one for each of my daughters) and then looked around for where to deposit my cash. 

     There on the table, the owners had placed a notebook for logging your purchase, and a sign telling you where and how to pay. If paying by cash, you left your money in a basket. If your bills were "large," you were instructed to put them in a little safe that was just a small, locked box with a slot in it. If your choice was to pay with plastic, there were slips of paper for writing down your credit card number, and then you put those in the safe. 

     I went to put my cash in the basket and I noticed a pile of bills, with a $20 on top, right out in the open. And who knows how many large bills were in that locked box. It was inspiring to know that someone had enough faith in humanity to trust people like that.

     So inspiring, in fact, that I've decided to follow their tradition and offer my new CD, Twisted, to anyone who wants it, on the honor system. If you'd like a copy, just comment below or email me c/o I'll pop the CD in the mail and you can send me a check when you receive it. The price you pay is totally up to you. 

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Mirror Lake, in Lake Placid:



Somewhere near Saranac Lake:


Maple sugar store:


Sugar sugar:


The honor system (note the $20):

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