Pacific Snowberry

Chuck and I just returned from a trip to Seattle again. We go there quite often, since his family lives there. The main reason for this journey was birthdays. Chuck's Aunt Thelma is 99, cousin Eric turned 62, and niece Sophia is a whopping 18.

The second reason we ventured up there at this time of year was to visit towns to the west of Seattle (which is where I took the above photo of a snowberry). It's a distant dream that we might someday be snowbirds with two homes, one in the Pacific Northwest and one in Tucson ... but the dream has faded a bit since we discovered how pricey the properties are up there.

I'd also love to live in upstate New York (particularly, that part of the state close to my daughters, grandson, mom, siblings, and the beautiful Finger Lakes). Even my brother who's been living in Australia for the past four years is planning a move back there. As much as I think the Olympic Peninsula (near Seattle) is gorgeous, my heart is being pulled toward the northeast. Only time will tell where we eventually end up. But I have to sell my house in Tucson first. Any takers?

In other news, we have an EP of four NEW songs that's almost ready to be released! It's being mastered this week and should be up on CDbaby in another week or so. This particular EP happens to be for kids ... but if you're young at heart, you'll love it! 

I was inspired to write the songs by my Texas grandson, Henry, who is currently obsessed with leaf blowers and weed whackers. My New York grandson, Porter, is into trains (choo-choos, as he calls them) and probably a bunch of new stuff since last I spoke to him. Kids change. Anyway, I actually managed to come up with songs about leaf blowers, weed whackers, mud, and a snowman (one song for each season). I might actually be the first person who's written a song about a weed whacker featuring a wailing guitar solo. 


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