Searching for Sugar Man

     I went searching for a good video at the library the other day and came home with Searching for Sugar Man, the true story of Sixto Rodriguez, a singer/songwriter from Detroit who was famous and didn't even know it. 

     My desire to be blown away was more than satisfied.  I found the inspiration I must have been seeking in the amazing story of this humble, awkward man and his music that helped end apartheid.  Not only that, but in the "extras" you'll learn what a labor of love this movie was for the filmmaker/director, who (after funding was pulled) finished it himself on his laptop.  

     I felt like the movie turned a little key inside my mind, and hopefully some new songs will come tumbling out.  I definitely recommend picking up a copy of this movie at your local library and watching it, if only for the very cool sound track and Detroit footage.  

     Long live Rodriguez!


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