Take Our Pie Song Quiz

Quick!  Think of a song with the word "Pie" in it. Got it? Write it down. 

Now award yourself the following points:

     1 point:   if the word "pie" is in the title

     2 points:  if the pie is edible 

     3 points:  if you said American Pie, Honey Pie,  or Country Pie

     4 points:  if it's not about pie at all -- the pie is just a metaphor

     5 points:  if the song is really about the number "pi"

     6 points:  if it's one of the 122 songs I found when I googled "songs about pie" (including Cold Stringy Pie, Whisky and Pie, Pie in the Sky, Jambalaya, and The Pi Song)

     7 points:  if you're actually still counting up your points right now.

If your score is less than 4, I recommend that you click on the links at the end of this blog and get your pie on. If your score is 4-27, go have a piece of pie.  And if your score is 28, you cheated!

I'm pretty sure that I'm writing about American pie because I just watched the final game of the 2011 World Series -- what better American pastime is there?  Earlier this week, I participated in another great American pastime, the Benefit Show.  Yes, I was honored to be part of a fund-raiser for Occupy (or should I say Occu-pie?) Tucson.  I figure anything that helps get the word out to people that lots of other people are MAD AS HELL -- and are willing to stand up, even get arrested, for being MAD AS HELL about the current insanity is a worthy cause.  So I made a small contribution to the cause by performing a few protest songs.   

I'd written these songs (Wall Street Windows, American Dreamer, and Inspiration) in 2009, and they turned out to be timed just right for the current wave of political frustration sweeping the nation.  It was gratifying to know that my "voice" has been heard, and that whether people agree with me or not, I have a venue.  That's what America's supposed to be about, right?  

For me, I'm glad that the Occu-pie Wall Street movement has begun to take hold.  OK, I'll say it ... it's "a la mode."  

Now for those links:

American Pie by Don McLean (live)

Honey Pie by the Beatles (gypsy jazz version)

Country Pie by Bob Dylan (live)



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