The Evolution of a Song, Part 1

I thought you might like to peek over my shoulder as I write, record, and submit a song to a contest, and hopefully WIN!

Background:  About 3 years ago, I joined a local songwriter’s group.  It’s a great way to meet other songwriters, share songwriting tips, get feedback, and practice performing in public.  We usually meet in private homes or offices, taking turns playing our songs for each other.  After each song, we comment on each others’ work.  I like the opportunity to get up in front of people who are just as nervous as I am, knowing that I can count on an appreciative audience despite my untrained voice and less than masterful guitar playing.  Lately, the group has been performing once a month at a local venue (Monterey Court) – an actual gig with a real audience. 

Wednesday, Aug. 28:  I just got an email from Ron P., a member of the songwriter’s group, letting us know about a contest in October to benefit a local no-kill cat shelter.  The song has to be about cats, and humor is encouraged.  I think this is right up my alley (pun intended).  There will be ten finalists, each of whom will get to perform their song live at the cat shelter.  Token prizes will be awarded to the first, second, and third-place winners.  I think I’ll work on it this weekend.

Saturday, August 31:  I wrote and recorded the song!  The next installment of this blog will be a detailed journal of the songwriting process, from start to finish.  Wish me luck!


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