Tweet Your Children Well

I joined Twitter about three years ago, but I'm not much of a tweeter.  I tweeted ONCE, and then I stopped because, frankly, I felt foolish.  I didn't understand how Twitter worked.  I was afraid I'd accidentally post something really embarrassing.  Some little one-liner that I'd never be able to delete.  I'd become known forever as that poor woman who tried sending her husband a sweet little email and accidentally tweeted it to Bill Clinton.  Not that I haven't already been embarrassing myself on a daily basis in other ways, but for some reason Twitter just seemed so daunting.  

But the other day, while doing some important research on facebook, I noticed that more and more people are using # symbols in their comments.  I started wondering about these strange # symbols.  To me, they were always called "pound signs," but that's really giving away my age.  Now I guess they're hashtags.  Anyway, I figured they must have something to do with Twitter, so I gave Twitter a second look.  Before I knew it, I'd updated my Twitter page and started FOLLOWING people. 

It sounds really obsessive, doesn't it?  I'm not just their friend, I'm actually stalking them.  Yes, as of today, I'm officially stalking my cousin Gina, my two daughters, the Dalai Lama, Conan O'Brien, President Obama, and a few others.  These choices were kind of random.  If you can find a theme there, please let me know.

And now I'd like to thank my newest stalkee David Crosby for giving me an idea for today's blog post.  Yes, THAT David Crosby.  David Crosby of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, of the Byrds, and of Crosby, Stills & Nash.  Anyway, Croz, as he's known to his friends -- and I now count myself among them -- tweeted something about gun control, and I tweeted back.  Who knows if he'll ever read it -- in fact, it might not even be him -- but I thought I'd use it today.  Whether you are for or against gun control, I think you may agree with me -- the tweet was "Teach your children well."  In other words, whatever we decide to do, let's think of future generations.  So thanks, Croz, for being my pal on Twitter.  Who knows?  Maybe someday you'll write a song using my tweet.

You can find me on Twitter @LoriBonati -- not sure yet how to do the whole looking up thing. 


  • Jim Bowen
    Jim Bowen
    This is well-written, &well-received. Thanks, Lori.

    This is well-written, &well-received. Thanks, Lori.

  • Lori Bonati-Phillips
    Lori Bonati-Phillips
    Thanks, Jim! Greatly appreciated.

    Thanks, Jim! Greatly appreciated.

  • Carlos
    Very interesting, Lori! But I'm not ready for tweetsville, yet :)

    Very interesting, Lori! But I'm not ready for tweetsville, yet smile

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