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Songs for the Seasons

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Release your inner child with these spunky/sweet original songs about the seasons. When I learned that one of my grandsons liked weed whackers, I was inspired to write "Weed Whacker Wiggle" (a song to jump around to in the summertime). "Blow the Leaves" is about another one of his current obsessions, leaf blowers, and is perfect for fall. Soon, two more songs followed to complete the seasonal cycle. "Mud Makes a Mess" is a joyous ode to spring, complete with a squirmy worm. My personal favorite is "Gonna Build a Snowman," a song to warm your heart.

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House of Glass

The 2nd Pacific Buffalo CD recorded in 2010 which contains Lori's popular environmental awareness anthem Crystal Ball and Chuck's jazzy instrumental The Jive Waltz.

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Pacific Buffalo: House of Glass


Earth Tones

Pacific Buffalo's first CD recorded at the Prickly Brick Studio in Tucson, Arizona in 2009.  It contains some classic PB originals such as Lori's American Dreamer and Chuck's Old Man in the Surf.

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Pacific Buffalo: Earth Tones


The Art of Travel

The solo CD of original songs and instrumental pieces by Chuck Phillips, keyboard player and vocalist for Pacific Buffalo.

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Chuck Phillips: The Art of Travel